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Donkey Kong Country

Episode 21

14 days ago

[Episode 21] This month barSILENCE is going bananas to the brilliant musical landscapes of the Donkey Kong Country games on the Super Nintendo!

Let’s celebrate the 29th anniversary of the first game in the Donkey Kong Country series by jamming to the incredible soundtracks of famed Rare composers David Wise and Eveline Novakovic with a little help from Robin Beanland!

Grab your bananas DK Barrels and keep an eye out for banana birds because we’re heading out into the jungles of DK Island swamps of Crocodile Isle and the forests of the Northern Kremisphere!

Tracklisting: 00:00:00 - Theme (Donkey Kong Country) [David Wise]

00:02:03 - Intro & Donkey Kong Country

00:06:56 - Simian Segue (Donkey Kong Country) [Eveline Novakovic]

00:09:24 - Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country) [David Wise]

00:13:18 - Aquatic Ambiance (Donkey Kong Country) [David Wise]

00:16:40 - Life in the Mines (Donkey Kong Country) [David Wise]

00:21:01 - Funky’s Fugue (Donkey Kong Country) [Robin Beanland]

00:23:11 - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

00:26:50 - Opening Fanfare (Donkey Kong Country 2) [David Wise]

00:27:02 - Lockjaw’s Saga (Donkey Kong Country 2) [David Wise]

00:28:47 - Forest Interlude (Donkey Kong Country 2) [David Wise]

00:33:19 - In a Snow-Bound Land (Donkey Kong Country 2) [David Wise]

00:36:31 - Stickerbush Symphony (Donkey Kong Country2 ) [David Wise]

00:40:58 - Mining Melancholy (Donkey Kong Country2 ) [David Wise]

00:44:33 - Funky The Main Monkey (Donkey Kong Country2) [David Wise]

00:46:11 - Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie’s Double Trouble

00:48:51 - Dixie Beat (Donkey Kong Country 3) [David Wise]

00:50:27 - Wrinkly 64 (Donkey Kong Country 3) [David Wise]

00:52:01 - Sub-Map Shuffle (Donkey Kong Country 3) [Eveline Novakovic]

00:54:15 - Frosty Frolics (Donkey Kong Country 3) [Eveline Novakovic]

00:56:41 - Water World (Donkey Kong Country 3) [Eveline Novakovic]

00:59:39 - Crystal Chasm (Donkey Kong Country 3) [Eveline Novakovic]

01:01:10 - Cavern Caprice (Donkey Kong Country 3) [Eveline Novakovic]

01:03:38 - Hot Pursuit (Donkey Kong Country 3) [Eveline Novakovic]

01:06:54 - Rockface Rumble (Donkey Kong Country 3) [Eveline Novakovic]

01:09:26 - Rocket Run (Donkey Kong Country 3) [Eveline Novakovic]

01:11:37 - Outro

01:13:27 - Disco Train (Donkey Kong Country 2) [David Wise]

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