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Extreme-G: Phase 1

Episode 23

6 months ago

[Episode 23] This month barSILENCE is breaking the speed of sound with the incredible beats of the first two Extreme-G games on the Nintendo 64!

If you are a fan of futuristic racers, this long-dormant series is worth heading back to for its incredible sense of speed, awesome weapons, and cyberpunk futurism. Tune in for some of the absolute best trance, drum and bass, and jungle tunes that this roller coaster-like, speed freak frenzy on the N64 has to offer!

Also, big-up to the composers behind two of my favorite soundtracks, Simon Robertson & Stephen Root!

Prepare for the ride of your life!

------------- Tracklisting:

00:00:00 - sequence G - Desert I (Extreme-G) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:02:45 - Intro & Extreme-G

00:07:12 - Space Station (Extreme-G) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:08:46 - Mines / Canyons I - Desert I (Extreme-G) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:11:28 - Mines / Canyons II (Extreme-G) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:14:24 - City I (Extreme-G) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:17:10 - City II (Extreme-G) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:20:05 - City III (Extreme-G) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:22:57 - Desert II (Extreme-G) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:25:47 - Extreme-G 2: Part 1

00:29:30 - Carneth (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:31:47 - Main Menu (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:34:44 - Aquanor (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:39:42 - Sensara (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:44:35 - Tethra (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:48:27 - Extreme-G 2: Part 2

00:50:43 - Anville (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

00:55:17 - Hydra Prime (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

01:00:10 - Tox City (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

01:05:04 - Cordilon (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

01:09:03 - Eschaton (Extreme-G 2) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

01:13:48 - Outro & Ending Songs

01:16:13 - Calm Down (View Results) (Extreme-G 2 - PC CD-ROM) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

01:18:56 - Lumania Landing Bay (Extreme-G 2 - PC CD-ROM) [Simon Robertson & Stephen Root]

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