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Episode 26

3 months ago

[Episode 26] This month barSILENCE is waggling our Wii-motes to the music of a few of the Channels on the Nintendo Wii!

In the mid-2000s, the Nintendo Wii system music made sure that every game and non-game on the "little system that could" was a fun time for all ages!

Get ready for a nostalgia-packed, motion-controlled, and chillaxing tour of the music from ten of the best Nintendo Wii Channels, composed by the legendary Kazumi Totaka.

Tune in to these Channels and let’s jam!


00:00:00 - Start Wii (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:00:02 - Intro & Nintendo Wii Origins

00:06:06 - Mii Channel Banner (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:06:10 - Mii Channel Medley (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:08:56- Check Mii Out Channel Banner (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:09:07 - Main Menu (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:10:10- Contest Menu (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:11:42 - Contest Winner Parade (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:13:08 - Submission Plaza (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:16:04 - Everybody Votes Channel Banner (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:16:08 - The Results Are In! (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:17:04 - Answering The Question (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:18:43 - Vote Results (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:21:16 - Wii U Transfer Tool (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:21:17 - Transfer Tool Menus (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:23:17 - Photo List (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:25:52 - Slideshow (Scenic) (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:31:36 - Wii Channels & Kazumi Totaka

00:36:32 - Food Delivery Channel Banner (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:36:37 - Main Theme (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:40:03 - Ordering Party Food (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:42:41 - Ordering All Food (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:44:49 - Ordering Fast Food (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:47:08 - Confirmation (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:50:32 - Forecast Channel Banner (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:50:37 - Local Forecast (Daytime) (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:52:56 - Wii Speak Channel Banner (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:53:18 - Speaker Room (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:54:53 - News Channel Banner (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:54:57 - Global News View (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

00:58:22 - Slideshow (Daytime) [Kazumi Totaka]

01:02:39 - Outro

01:04:42 - Wii Shop Channel Banner (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

01:05:04 - Wii Shop Channel (Nintendo Wii) [Kazumi Totaka]

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