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Masters of VGM: Part 2

Episode 3.2

9 months ago

[Episode 3.2] Welcome back! This month barSILENCE is celebrating the Masters of VGM podcasting event with this episode in the series. We are going to listen to the enduring and memorable music of Akira Yamaoka and Shinji Hosoe.

If you are interested in learning more about the Masters of VGM Event, and the other 20+ shows that are participating, head to You can also follow along on Twitter by using the hashtag #MastersOfVGM

Track Listing:

00:00 - Relic of Moirai by Akira Yamaoka [Contra Shattered Soldier]

06:03 - S-Power by Akira Yamaoka [Contra Shattered Soldier]

06:59 - Hell Drive by Akira Yamaoka [Contra Shattered Soldier]

09:29 - Fortress by Akira Yamaoka [Contra Shattered Soldier]

12:26 - A Man and The World by Akira Yamaoka [SDATCHER]

16:18 - Alloy Selector Spider by Akira Yamaoka [Sine Mora]

22:50 - Heaven's Night by Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill 2]

24:53 - Alone in Town by Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill 2]

27:07 - End of Small Sanctuary by Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill 3]

28:46 - Maternal Heart by Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill 3]

31:38 - Nightmarish Waltz by Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill 4]

36:37 - Ridge Racer by Shinji Hosoe [Ridge Racer]

40:09 - Rhythm Shift by Shinji Hosoe [Ridge Racer]

46:05 - User's Entry Come Again by Shinji Hosoe [iS: Internal Section]

47:41 - Wind Ride Kids by Shinji Hosoe [Cyber Cycles]

51:51 - Dream Virus R by Shinji Hosoe [Mega Man Network Transmission

55:47 - Can't Come Back? by Shinji Hosoe [Under Defeat]

62:07 - Running Up! (Solo II) by Shinji Hosoe [Dirtfox]

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