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Jet Set Radio

Episode 11

1 month ago

[Episode 11] This month barSILENCE is skating and tagging the streets of Toyko-to with the incredible music of the Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast) and Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox).

This is the music of Tokyo's very own #1 pirate power station Jet Set Radio! Over the hood, through the streets, and right into your brains. We're riding high on a smooth stream of supersonic sounds! Now let's tune in, use this city as a canvas, and paint us some vibes from the street!

Track Listing:

00:00 - Let Mom Sleep (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [Hideki Naganuma]

02:52 - Talk Sequence - Intro & Jet Set Radio

06:43 - Humming the Bassline (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [Hideki Naganuma]

09:37 - That's Enough (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [Hideki Naganuma]

13:20 - Sneakman (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [Hideki Naganuma]

17:56 - Funky Radio (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [B.B. Rights]

21:44 - Magical Girl (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [Guitar Vader]

24:51 - Everybody Jump Around (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [Richard Jacques]

29:35 - Electric Tooth Brush (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [Toronto]

35:21 - Funky Plucker! (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [Semi.Detached]

42:22 - Many Styles (Jet Set Radio - Dreamcast) [O.B. One]

48:25 - Talk Sequence - Jet Set Radio Future

51:58 - The Concept Of Love (Jet Set Radio Future - Xbox) [Hideki Naganuma]

55:39 - Teknopathetic (Jet Set Radio Future - Xbox) [Hideki Naganuma]

59:21 - Humming the Bassline (D.S. Remix) (Jet Set Radio Future - Xbox) [Hideki Naganuma]

63:37 - Bokfresh (Jet Set Radio Future - Xbox) [Richard Jacques]

67:09 - What About the Future (Jet Set Radio Future - Xbox) [Richard Jacques]

71:27 - Talk Sequence - Outro

73:54 - Oldies But Happies (Jet Set Radio Future - Xbox) [Hideki Naganuma]

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