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Ape Escapes

Episode 10

5 months ago

[Episode 10] This month barSILENCE is diving into the monkey madness of the Ape Escape series with music by famed house and jungle composer Soichi Terada.

We're catching the drum, the bass, and the apes with 14 of the best tracks from the original Ape Escape on the Playstation, the remake Ape Escape on the Loose on the Playstation Portable, and the pinnacle of the series, Ape Escape 3 on the Playstation 2.

Get your Dual Analog controllers, Gotcha Gadgets, headphones, and let's tune into Specter TV and net some apes!

Track Listing:

00:00 - Title Screen (Ape Escape On The Loose - PSP) [Soichi Terada]

06:54 - Time Station (Ape Escape - PS1) [Soichi Terada]

10:08 - The Lost Land: Fossil Field (Ape Escape - PS1) [Soichi Terada]

14:34 - The Lost Land: T-Rex's Lair (Ape Escape - PS1) [Soichi Terada]

21:40 - Mysterious Age: Cryptic Relics (Ape Escape On The Loose - PSP) [Soichi Terada]

25:30 - Oceana: Coral Cave (Ape Escape On The Loose - PSP) [Soichi Terada]

30:01 - Specter Land: Welcome (Ape Escape On The Loose - PSP) [Soichi Terada]

36:54 - TV Station (Ape Escape 3 - PS2) [Soichi Terada]

41:08 - Eversummer Island (Ape Escape 3 - PS2) [Soichi Terada]

45:01 - Gadget Training Room (Ape Escape 3 - PS2) [Soichi Terada]

49:02 - Tomoki City 2 (Ape Escape 3 - PS2) [Soichi Terada]

53:26 - Mount Amazing 2 (Ape Escape 3 - PS2) [Soichi Terada]

57:40 - The Hot Springs (Ape Escape 3 - PS2) [Soichi Terada]

63:31 - Fortune Telling (Ape Escape 3 - PS2) [Soichi Terada]

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