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Perfect Dark

Episode 8

4 months ago

[Episode 8] This month barSILENCE lands in the futuristic streets of 2023 to listen to the ambitious cyberpunk-influenced soundtrack of Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. We’re hacking into 15 of the best moody, bassy, and sci-fi soundscapes from Rare's greatest composers, Grant Kirkhope, Graeme Norgate, and David Clynick.

In the wise words of Daniel Carrington, "Act your age, Joanna!"

Track Listing:

00:00 - Main Titles (Perfect Dark) [Graeme Norgate]

03:11 - Pause Menu (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

06:19 - Carrington Institute (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

08:54 - Training (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

12:16 - Alien Conflict (Perfect Dark) [David Clynick]

21:38 - dataDyne Central: Defection (Perfect Dark) [Graeme Norgate]

25:36 - dataDyne Research: Investigation (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

29:05 - dataDyne Research: Investigation X (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

31:10 - dataDyne Central: Extraction (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

35:38 - Carrington Villa: Hostage One (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

43:07 - Chicago: Stealth (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

48:32 - Deep Sea: Nullify Threat (Perfect Dark) [Graeme Norgate]

55:13 - Carrington Institute: Defence (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

60:50 - Mission Complete (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

63:26 - Credits (Perfect Dark) [Grant Kirkhope]

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