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Ridge Racer: Ridge City FM1

Episode 12

23 days ago

[Episode 12] ALLLL RIGHT EVERYONE! This month barSILENCE is racing and drifting through the soundtrack to the early releases of the Ridge Racer series in the arcade and on the original PlayStation!

The soundtracks to Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer 2, and Ridge Racer Revolution, share many things and most of it is high-energy techno by composers Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, and Nobuyoshi Sano, that puts the pedal to the metal and drives you to dancing!


Track Listing for the Show: 00:00 - Main Theme (Ridge Racer - Playstation) [Shinji Hosoe]

00:47 - Introduction

04:21 - Ridge Racer (Ridge Racer - Playstation) [Shinji Hosoe]

10:44 - Rare Hero (Ridge Racer - Playstation) [Nobuyoshi Sano]

15:41 - Speedster (Ridge Racer - Playstation) [Shinji Hosoe]

20:33 - Ridge Racer: Arcade & Playstation 1

23:47 - Feeling Over (Ridge Racer - Playstation) [Ayako Saso]

29:39 - Rhythm Shift (Ridge Racer - Playstation) [Shinji Hosoe]

34:51 - Ridge Racer 2

36:20 - Welcome RR (Ridge Racer 2 - Arcade) [Shinji Hosoe]

38:01 - Lords of Techno (Ridge Racer 2 - Arcade) [Ayako Saso]

43:18 - Drive U 2 Dancing (Ridge Racer 2 - Arcade) [Ayako Saso]

49:54 - Ridge Racer Revolution

51:54 - Grip (Ridge Racer Revolution - Playstation) [Nobuyoshi Sano]

1:00:03 - Outro

1:01:53 - Winning Turn (Ridge Racer 2 - Arcade) [Shinji Hosoe]

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