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Streets of Rage

Episode 28

1 month ago

[Episode 28] This month on barSILENCE we’re Fighting in the Streets of Wood Oak City as we listen to the legendary soundtracks of Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2 on the Sega Genesis.

These early '90s beat'em-ups set the standard for the genre with their stellar gameplay but even more so with their groundbreaking and innovative soundtracks!

Tune in and listen to knockout tunes from these iconic games and uncover some of the musical influences of the famed Yuzo Koshiro the mastermind behind one of gaming’s most beloved soundtracks!

Grab that ground chicken refill your health and let’s take on the evil Mr. X and save the city!

Special shoutout in this episode to Game Composer, Chase Bethea for talking with me about our shared love of Streets of Rage and Yuzo Koshiro as I worked on this episode!

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00:00:00 - The Street of Rage (Streets of Rage) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:01:28 - Intro & Streets of Rage

00:07:43 - Fighting in the Street (Streets of Rage) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:12:32 - Dilapidated Town (Streets of Rage) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:15:54 - The Last Soul (Streets of Rage) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:19:10 - Moon Beach (Streets of Rage) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:24:07 - Beatnik on the Ship (Streets of Rage) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:28:23 - Keep the Groovin' (Streets of Rage) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:31:36 - Attack the Barbarian (Streets of Rage) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:34:46 - Streets of Rage 2

00:39:38 - Go Straight (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:42:57 - Ready Funk (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:44:42 - In the Bar (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:45:59 - Walking Bottom (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:47:59 - Slow Moon (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:50:18 - Dreamer (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:52:32 - Never Return Alive (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:56:07 - Wave 131 (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

00:59:12 - Under Logic (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

01:01:02 - Alien Power (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

01:04:07 - Outro

01:06:14 - Good Ending (Streets of Rage 2) [Yuzo Koshiro]

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