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Episode 0

2 years ago

[Episode 0] Thanks for checking out the introductory episode of barSILENCE. Let's get to know each other a bit and then listen to some fantastic music from a variety of games.

Track Listing:

00:00:00 - Take Off - Kenichiro Fukui [Einhander]

00:03:41 - Stage Music 1 - Kazumi Totaka [Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins]

00:05:30 - Track 1 - Nobuo Uematsu [3-D WorldRunner]

00:08:23 - Jumping Tiger - Sinkon Kiyoshi [Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu]

00:10:16 - Vs Shadow Team - Kazuo Sawa [Super Dodge Ball]

00:13:23 - Identity Believer - Masashi Kageyama & Naohisa Morota [Gimmick!]

00:16:19 - Morning (Fretless 2 Slap) - Ryu Takami & Ryu Umemoto [Grounseed]

00:20:17 - Ice Groove - Yuzo Koshiro [Super Adventure Island]

00:23:03 - Column Dive - Morihiko Akiyama [Columns III]

00:25:15 - Games of Happiness - Kazumi Totaka [Yoshi Story]

00:27:17 - Opening Title - Norio Hanzawa [Mischief Makers]

00:28:31 - Redial - Jun Chikuma [Bomberman Hero]

00:31:41 - Garage Talk - Asuka Sakai [R4: Ridge Racer Type 4]

00:33:31 - The Apple Market - Makoto Tomozawa [Mega Man Legends]

00:35:28 - Welcome to Station Square - Jun Senoue [Sonic Adventure]

barSILENCE is a monthly podcast crafted to celebrate and explore the best game audio from past and present. You’re here because you enjoy the same thing that I do, and I am grateful for that.

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