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Gran Turismo: Spec 1

Episode 6

9 months ago

[Episode 6] This month barSILENCE is on track and hitting the apex full throttle with music from the first two games in the Gran Turismo series!

We’re listening to the music of the Japanese release featuring the blazing guitars and mega percussion of Masahiro Andoh, the jazz-infused grooves of Isamu Ohira, and the electronic beats from Jason Page’s Western release. Let’s hit the pedal to the metal!

Track Listing:

00:00 - Welcome Back, GT (Gran Turismo 2) [Isamu Ohira]

04:24 - City (Gran Turismo) [Isamu Ohira]

05:57 - Mitsubishi Garage (Gran Turismo) [Isamu Ohira]

07:49 - Qualify - Results (Gran Turismo) [Jason Page]

08:50 - Car Shop - Honda & Acura (Gran Turismo) [Jason Page]

15:26 - Moon Over The Castle (Gran Turismo) [Masahiro Andoh]

21:08 - Get Closer (Gran Turismo) [Masahiro Andoh]

27:30 - Poker Face (Gran Turismo 2) [Isamu Ohira]

28:52 - The Drift Of Air Ver.2 (Gran Turismo 2) [Isamu Ohira]

32:35 - From The East (Gran Turismo 2) [Isamu Ohira]

35:52 - Blade (Gran Turismo 2) [Masahiro Andoh]

39:44 - Call of the Wild (Gran Turismo 2) [Masahiro Andoh]

44:20 - Hot Tin Root (Gran Turismo 2) [Masahiro Andoh]

50:25 - The "Real" Motorious City (Gran Turismo 2) [Isamu Ohira]

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