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Tekken: King of the Iron Fist

Episode 14

1 year ago

[Episode 14] This month barSILENCE is fighting the Mishima Zaibatsu to be the King of the Iron Fist like it's 1995, while we listen to the soundtracks of the Arcade and Playstation 1 versions of Tekken and Tekken 2!

Let's dive into the catchy, bouncy, and energetic sounds of the Rave War from these genre-defining 3D fighters from the mid-90s. We'll hear the worldly-themed tracks of the original, alongside the character-based themes of the sequel that were composed and arranged by Yoshie Arakawa, Yoshie Takayanagi, Shinji Hosoe, Nobuyoshi Sano, and other members of the Namco Sound Team.

These tracks are sure to get you ready for fisticuffs and throw your vanquished enemies off of a cliff!

Track Listing:

00:00:00 - Demo BGM (Tekken - Arcade) [Yoshie Takayanagi]

00:00:20 - Intro & Tekken 1

00:03:46 - Chicago, USA (Tekken - Arcade) [Yoshie Arakawa]

00:05:27 - Windermere, UK (Tekken - Arcade) [Yoshie Arakawa]

00:07:24 - King George Island, Antarctica (Tekken - Arcade) [Yoshie Arakawa]

00:09:20 - Szechwan, China (Tekken - Arcade) [Yoshie Takayanagi]

00:11:23 - Tekken 1 for PlayStation

00:14:20 - Szechwan, China (Tekken - PlayStation) [Yoshie Takayanagi]

00:16:53 - Marine Stadium, Japan (Tekken - PlayStation) [Yoshie Arakawa]

00:19:01 - Kyoto, Japan - (Tekken - PlayStation) [Yoshie Arakawa]

00:21:31 - Tekken 2 in the Arcade

00:24:13 - Morning Field (Tekken 2 - Arcade) [Yoshie Arakawa]

00:26:44- Devil Kazuya (Tekken 2 - Arcade) [Yoshie Arakawa]

00:28:59 - The Head Shaker (Tekken 2 - Arcade) [Yoshie Arakawa]

00:31:05 - Tekken 2 for PlayStation

00:33:16 - Black Winter Night Sky (Tekken 2 - PlayStation) [Namco Sound Team]

00:34:39 - Are You Ready? (Tekken 2 - PlayStation) [Namco Sound Team]

00:36:17 - The Place, 1997 (Tekken 2 - PlayStation) [Namco Sound Team]

00:39:08 - Nobody Catch Me (Tekken 2 - PlayStation) [Namco Sound Team]

00:42:36 - Two Different Sides (Tekken 2 - PlayStation) [Namco Sound Team]

00:45:54 - Silent Assassin - Cool Headed Mix (Tekken 2 - PlayStation) [Namco Sound Team]

00:49:14 - Tekken Remixes

00:50:05 - Windermere Deep Dub Explosion (Tekken UK Soundtrack) [DUBTRONIX]

00:54:13 - Power Stadium (80s Mix) (Tekken UK Soundtrack) [Noboyoshi Sano]

00:58:50 - Outro

01:00:32 - Night in Chicago (Namco Game Sound Express VOL.17) [Shinji Hosoe]

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